Hunting in Northwest Wisconsin isn’t just a hobby; it‘s a way of life and a strong part of our heritage. With over seven million acres of public hunting land, there’s no surprise why Wisconsin is one of the top hunting destinations in the United States. This hunter’s paradise is bountiful with white-tailed deer, bear, turkey, migratory birds, some of the finest grouse in the world, and many other types of small game. Whether you’re a novice hunter or getting ready for your sixtieth Opening Day, every moment you spend in the woods will be memories you cherish for a lifetime. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky and bag the next Jordan Buck. Below are some of our favorite spots for hunting opportunities in the Northwoods. 

hunting turkey in Washburn County


It’s time to get those kiddos ready for lifelong outdoor learning! There is nothing like the smell of the autumn air and the feel of the cool brisk breeze as we transition into early winter. One of the most incredible things about hunting in Ashland County, whether it be for deer, bear, partridge, grouse, or duck, is simply having the opportunity to sit and listen while taking in the smells and sounds of nature. It’s that time when we get to share the beauty and mystique of the Northwoods with our children, family and friends. Ashland County is home to thousands of acres of public hunting land in the Chequamegon Nicolet National Forest, along with several other areas to hunt in Ashland County. Trapping and predator hunting in Ashland is another great option for hardy, adventurous folks who enjoy hunting of all kinds. Be safe and enjoy the beautiful Northwoods in all of its glory this hunting season. 

Hunting in Ashland County


There’s no shortage of opportunities when it comes to hunting in Bayfield County. With over 430,000 acres of public access between federal, county and state land in Bayfield County, you’ll be sure to find the perfect spot to hang a stand or set your traps. Lake Superior makes for a huge draw for migratory waterfowl, including many species of ducks and geese; while the forest management plan contributes to the habitat, providing excellent upland hunting for ruffed grouse and woodcock. Of course, you’ll also find whitetail deer, turkey, bear and small game here, as well. The massive amount of hunting land mixed with the limited number of hunters means the conditions are ideal for enthusiasts to get out there and bag a monster of their own while making memories that will last a lifetime. 

Turkey Hunting in Bayfield County


Sawyer County is a hunting hotspot for all kinds of game: whitetail deer, black bear, elk, turkey, waterfowl, fur-bearing mammals, ruffed grouse, and small mammals such as squirrel, rabbit, and snowshoe hare. Last year, almost 4,000 deer were harvested in Sawyer County alone, yet the population still remains very high as we head into rifle season. Ruffed grouse are back on the upswing in their ten-year cycle and will only improve over the next couple of years. With over 90,000 acres of public hunting land, Sawyer County offers an abundance of acreage and opportunities to experience your dream hunt. With designated areas for physically challenged hunters, Sawyer County becomes even more so of a special place to point your sights toward.   

Deer hunting in Sawyer County


Washburn County is home to over 148,000 acres of public hunting land, making it the ideal location to check for rubs and track your game this hunting season. The area is famous for its grouse, turkey, deer and bear hunting. Hike the trails by foot or explore the forest by motorized travel on listed trails that have access to public hunting areas for a true backcountry experience. Check out the 15 Forest Unit Maps HERE to see where you should go to start making memories in the Northwoods. 

deer hunting in Washburn County

*Anyone who is hunting or trapping in Wisconsin must have a valid Wisconsin license/permit, applicable to the species and location.

The memories don’t have to stop being made once you leave your stand. At the end of your hunting trip, wherever you end up and with whatever luck you have, be sure to swing by and support small businesses for a bite to eat and drink or a place to lay your head. With this time of year comes our region’s passion for hospitality. We hope to see you somewhere in Northwest Wisconsin this hunting season! 

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