Get your Adrenaline Pumping in Northwest Wisconsin’s Wild Rivers Trail

Wisconsin has many hidden gems for outdoor enthusiasts, and one of these is the Wild Rivers Trail. Located in Northwest Wisconsin, this meandering path brings you to the heart of the state’s enchanting wilderness. There are many activities just waiting for you — whether you want to explore during winter or frolic during summer. We’ve shared some popular things to try out, especially for those who want thrilling and memorable moments. Let’s go!

About the Wild Rivers Trail: Facts You Need To Know

Before diving into the fun activities of the Wild Rivers Trail, let’s talk about the location first. This 104-mile path goes through the lush forests, scenic lakes, and wild rivers of Douglas, Washburn and Barron counties of Northwest Wisconsin. The path is also open all year — come any time you want!

Native flora and fauna also thrive here. You can expect to see white-tailed deer, eagles, and colorful blooms during your trip.

Go ATV Riding

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and utility task vehicles (UTVs) are best suited for the sections of the Wild Rivers Trail because you can go off-road and explore hidden corners. Who knows what’s waiting for you? 

If you don’t have an ATV or UTV, many businesses surrounding the trail offer rentals. Just follow safety rules and usage guidelines, regardless of your skill level.

Explore the Snowmobile Trails

Winter is an enchanting time in the Wild Rivers Trail. However, most vehicles won’t work in the snow. Instead, you can ride a snowmobile to explore the trails! Bring your own or rent from the many establishments around the trail.

Snowmobiles offer a more relaxed experience, but you can still meander off on one of the many spur trails from the Wild Rivers Trail to see the winter scenery. From frozen lakes to snow-covered clearings, there are plenty of magical sights to witness.

Ready to Ride?

Whatever time of the year is, there are plenty of thrilling opportunities on the trail. Snowmobiles and trail riding are easier thanks to equipment rental businesses in Northwest Wisconsin. For recommendations about the best routes, rental businesses, and related topics, contact us!