Escape to Burnett County


Take a step into the past when you book a weekend get-a-way at the brand-

new Burnett County Forest & Parks Camper Cabin. Tucked away in the

southeastern woods of Burnett County you’ll find this little rustic escape that

serves as the perfect opportunity to experience “real camping” without the

worry of fighting the weather and the hassle of scrounging up a tent. This off-

the-grid one-room eclectic cabin is only accessible by foot, snowshoe, ski,

horseback or fat bike making it a unique and private destination. It is about a

½ mile hike to the cabin so be sure to pack accordingly as you won’t want to

make many trips back to your vehicle! It has no electricity or running water –

but FEAR not! There is a wood stove for the colder months and an outhouse

out back.


In August 2018 the Camper Cabin was presented to the Administration

Committee from the Forest & Parks Department. The idea was to create a

unique camping experience that would draw visitors in to experience nature

at its finest. The idea was approved in December of 2019.


Construction began in the middle of January 2019. It is 10×24 with an

attached deck and the capacity to sleep a family of 6. The cabin was

constructed inside of the shop to save time, money and effort while

protecting it from the elements. The workers built it on skids to make it easy

to transport to its forever home. The interior was made using tongue and

groove knotty pine while the exterior is made of a rough pine. There are two

full beds and two narrow twin-sized beds in the cabin as well as a beautifully

crafted handmade tabletop, countertop and benches.


They began staining the cabin as soon as they had a couple days of sunshine

at the beginning of May. They choose a forest green color for the steel roof

and front door to give the cabin a true Northwoods feel. On July 30th they

loaded the cabin up to be moved. They had to wait so long to move it to the

Roosevelt Township due to the heavy rains we received prior that summer.

July 31st was moving day and just like that people began making reservations

through the AirBnB site.


The cabin is minimally staffed sticking to the “Leave No Trace” camping

principals. When you leave be sure to leave the cabin tidier than when you

first arrived. It is $60/night with year-round opportunities to camp. Outside

the camper cabin is a deck, fire ring with grate, log benches, picnic table,

and outhouse. You’ll want to be sure to clean up all your food so not to

attract bears or other animals to the site.


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