Favorite Spots To Canoe and Kayak in Northern Wisconsin

You are sure to find some incredible places to canoe and kayak in Northern Wisconsin that rival the best spots in the upper Midwest. 

The area’s special outdoor appeal and attractions draw people from various places, thanks to its numerous rivers and lakes. It’s no wonder Northern Wisconsin is a top destination for enjoying water activities and having a great time on the beautiful waterways.

Some of the famed water destinations in the region double as marvelous fishing grounds for bass, trout, and many other species of fish. Others take paddlers on an adventure that ends in the majestic Lake Superior or old campgrounds that have preserved their history and rustic appeal. 

Check out the region’s best spots for getting your canoeing and kayaking fix. 

Chippewa County

Due to the many beautiful lakes and streams that blanket the Chippewa area, selecting one to canoe or kayak can be difficult. To help paddlers out and to get you to one of the hidden spots in the county, put these three lakes on your “Go” list.

These lakes are some of the best places to kayak and canoe in Chippewa County. 

Howe Lake

After a short drive down a dirt road, adventurers will come across the beautiful Howe Lake. Howe Lake is nestled back in the country, allowing for a relaxing and quiet place to explore the great outdoors. 

Because of the lake’s small size, it takes only a few hours to explore the entire lake and all it offers. For those who enjoy fishing, Howe Lake is a great place to cast out a line for largemouth bass, northern pike, and panfish.

Popple Lake

Located in Jim Falls, WI, the beautiful Popple Lake is a paddler’s paradise. Popple Lake is a 94-acre lake filled with largemouth bass, northern pike, panfish, and walleye, which makes it a great place to spend the day fishing. Of course, the lake’s 25-foot depth is also conducive for some safe and peaceful canoeing and kayaking in Wisconsin.  

Popple Lake is a small and quiet lake which means it takes just a few hours to paddle around in either a kayak or canoe. A public boat landing makes the lake accessible to all travelers looking for a serene time on their kayaks or canoes. 

Glen Loch Lake

Glen Loch Lake is the perfect place to spend the day kayaking and canoeing in Wisconsin! 

Glen Loch Lake can be accessed through Erikson Park in Chippewa Falls, WI. Erikson Park has a beautiful boat ramp and handicap-accessible docks with a kayak launch. 

These amenities allow everyone to enjoy all Glen Loch has to offer. Spend a few hours kayaking around Glen Loch and upstream to explore Duncan Creek to take in the great outdoors.

Howe, Popple, and Glen Loch Lakes are all great places to explore in your kayak or canoe. Plan a trip to Chippewa County soon to check out these three beautiful lakes, and enjoy a relaxing weekend in the great outdoors. 

Chippewa County has miles of rivers and streams and 446 more lakes to explore. Visit gochippewacounty.com to request a guide.

Ashland County

When visiting Madeline Island, take advantage of the beautiful scenery and canoeing opportunities at the Lagoon. The Lagoon is located in LaPointe Town Park and makes Ashland County one of the most special kayak and canoe spots in the region.

There are canoes for rent, and it’s all on the honor system — pretty sweet!

All in all, the Lagoon in Ashland County is a natural area where you can paddle, fish, and enjoy the rugged scenery. This little hidden gem on the island is enough reason to visit the county even if you just want to take in its rugged outdoor charm. 

Book your next trip to Ashland County and paddle and fish to your heart’s delight. Visit www.visitashland.com and book your tour now!

Iron County

Sometimes a little peace and quiet is all you need, and in Iron County, paddling the lakes and rivers is the best way to paddle your way to serenity!

A mix of thrills and serenity awaits you when you visit Iron County. This part of the region is home to two rivers that guarantee a kayaking journey filled with some of the finest natural scenery you can find in Northern Wisconsin. 

Turtle River

The Turtle River in Mercer, WI, is 27 miles of beautiful scenery. Enjoy paddling the calm waters and enjoying the wildlife Mercer has to offer.

A short drive to the little town of Mercer, WI, gets you access to the Turtle River. Turtle River flows from Cedar Lake and traverses the Northwoods of Wisconsin, making it one of the most scenic canoe and kayak spots in the county and region. 

Montreal River

The Montreal River is among the handful of the world’s rivers that flow northward. It was well known to the Native Americans. In fact, the Chippewa called it “Kawasiji-wangsepi,” also called the White Falls River or “where there is a strong foaming current in the river.”

It is located in Hurley and Montreal, and it’s definitely a must-paddle destination!

Sawyer County

The Chippewa River near the Ojibwa stretch of the Tuscobia State Trail is great for canoeing and kayaking. The Brunet River — east of Winter — offers low rapids to paddlers. The river shows an amazing array of moods, from whitewater to slow, gentle curves and pools.

Washburn County

Are you looking for a calm and pristine place to canoe and kayak? Look no further than Washburn County!

Washburn County is home to one of the most peaceful outdoor spots for kayakers and canoe riders — the Birchwood Canoe Routes. Referred to as the “mini boundary waters,” the Birchwood Canoe Routes lie in the Sawmill Lake Primitive Area and offer the perfect spot to enjoy the solitude of a back-country experience just a little closer to home.

The Sawmill Lake Primitive Area is made up of roughly 16,000 acres of land owned by Washburn County, and much of it is designated as non-motorized. 

Nestled deep in the woods, just north of Birchwood, the area offers a primitive campground and two canoe portage trails. The area is well known for the high density of glacial lakes and incredible fishing opportunities with an abundance of bass and panfish.

Paddle Your Way to Adventure and Tranquility in Northern Wisconsin

Northern Wisconsin has something for every outdoor enthusiast who wants to treat the region’s calm and serene waters. Whether it’s fishing or kayaking, you’ll never be out of options when you visit Northern Wisconsin. 

What are you waiting for? Plan your next trip to Northern Wisconsin and prepare for the paddler’s paradise that awaits you! 

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