Visit the Pioneer Village

Copy of Copy of Fishing Spots

Once known as the “Pinery”, Northwest Wisconsin was where Native Americans harvested wild rice, lumber barons amassed fortunes, and pioneers built farms and towns out of dreams.  At the Pioneer Village Historical Park learn how Northwest Wisconsin, with its abundance of fish, game, wild rice, and sugar maple, was fought over by the Sioux and Chippewa; how the Chippewa prevailed until they too were pushed aside by the westward movement; how lumber barons became rich from the harvest of virgin pines; how immigrant farmers were lured here with the promise of cheap land, only to discover it was cutover; how they hired out as lumberjacks to feed their families; how “river pigs” risked their lives getting logs down the rivers to mills, logs that built cities like St. Louis, Memphis, and New Orleans; how pioneers carried sacks of flour on their backs from the nearest mill, often 40 miles away; how pioneer mothers looked after the farm and family while their men worked at lumber camps, so they could buy seed in the spring; how they struggled to build schools and churches; how the railroad changed their lives forever.

“Everyone should visit the Pioneer Village! It’s an amazing jewel…” – Terry Henck, Visitor

The Pioneer Village portrays these stories with its collection of 1800’s buildings, display buildings, costumed interpreters, and demonstrations of skills and crafts of yesteryear. Open 1 – 5 pm Fridays and Sundays, 10 am – 5 pm Saturdays, June, July, and August.  Lunch stand and gift shop on the grounds.  Frequent special events.