Phillips to Commemorate 125th Anniversary of the Phillips Fire

Phillips’ citizens and various organizations are coming together to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the Phillips Fire which destroyed our community, took 13 lives and left residents homeless and businesses destroyed.  July 27, 2019 marks the anniversary of the day that the fire engulfed the city and continued on a 20 mile track northeast until July 31st until rainfall stopped it.

Phillips hosted a centennial celebration 25 years ago when a new sign commemorating the event was erected in Bostrom Park.  A time capsule was buried beneath the sign with the understanding that it would be opened in 25 years which is this year.

The City of Phillips, the Price County Historical Society and the Phillips Area Chamber of Commerce are working to create an event on Saturday, July 27th which will pay respects to those who lost their lives and acknowledge the determination and hard-working people that rebuilt our community.

“Many people know there was a fire a long time ago, but have no idea how catastrophic it was,” said Laurie Hansen, Executive Director of the Phillips Chamber of Commerce.  “It clearly is part of our history that should be re-told, and we have to thank Therese Trojak for bringing this to the Chamber’s attention.”

A committee has been formed and welcomes the assistance of all residents to help locate descendants of the survivors.  The Committee is also planning to replace the current time capsule with a new one and is open to suggestions for articles to be included.  The new capsule will be sealed for 75 years and opened at the 200th anniversary of the fire.  Anyone who has an idea for the event is welcomed to contact the Phillips Area Chamber of Commerce at 715-339-4100 (or email

More information will be forthcoming as plans are made.

Phillips Fire Photo
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