Waterfalls in Northwest Wisconsin

Some of Wisconsin’s most spectacular waterfalls are in the Northwest.

Scenic hiking trails lead to breathtaking views of graceful drops and roaring falls.

Amnicon Falls State Park
Douglas County
The falls drop in a graceful series into the Amnicon River. Fee/Pass Required: Yes.

Big Falls County Park & Campground
Price County
Flanked by tall white and red pine, the Jump River cascades past huge granite rocks providing a wild river environment. Hike the trail along the river. Enjoy the scenic river-edge park and campground. Camping fee.

Big Manitou Falls-Pattison State Park
Douglas County
Height: 165 ft. Pattison Park features the highest waterfall in Wisconsin and 4th highest east of the Rocky Mountains. Fee/Pass Required: Yes.

Buttermilk Falls
Polk County
This waterfall is hidden off the back roads in rural Osceola, WI. Buttermilk Creek gently flows through the rocky terrain toward the St. Croix River. At Buttermilk Falls, it slides down a textured rock face, 20 feet, before flowing to the St. Croix River. This is a steep, slippery, muddy slope, for a fantastic view, so use caution!

Cascade Falls and Geiger Falls
Polk County
A spectacular site in the heart of Osceola. The water drops 25 feet off the rocky cliff, as you walk closer to the falls you can feel the mist spraying the area around the falls. A walkway over the river provides good views of the waterfall. Geiger Falls are smaller falls directly above the larger Cascade Falls.

Copper Falls State Park
Ashland County
Height: 30 ft, 40 ft. Handicap Accessible – Paved trails; Brownstone falls on the Tyler Forks River (30 feet); Copper Falls on the Bad River (40 feet); Red Granite Falls on the Bad River. Fee/Pass Required: Yes.

Houghton Falls
Bayfield County
1.5 mile (round trip) A seasonal waterfall, huge, old pines and hemlocks and views of Lake Superior are highlights. Note: this is a Nature Preserve with conservation easements on private land – please be respectful and stay on the trail. Follow posted hours and rules.

Iron County Water Falls
Iron County
Height: Varies. Iron County has 18 waterfalls with an additional 15 in nearby Michigan. The waterfalls are spectacular in the spring but offer beauty any time of year. Fee/Pass Required: No.

Little Manitou Falls-Pattison State Park
Douglas County
Height: 31 ft split falls. The falls drop 30 feet into the Black River. The falls are split, very scenic and a highlight of the park. Fee/Pass Required: Yes.

Lost Creek Falls
Bayfield County
A beautiful 1.5 mile trail leads you through the County Forest to a very scenic 15’ waterfall. Lots of wild berries along the trail when in season. New signage, gravel and boardwalks in 2016. Small parking area at trailhead and picnic area. Picnic area near the falls.

Morgan Falls
Ashland County
Height: 70 ft. Morgan Falls is an unnamed tributary of Morgan Creek. Fee/Pass Required: Yes.

Silverbrook Falls
Polk County
Silverbrook Falls is an 18-foot waterfall at the end of the Silverbrook Trail in Interstate Park. The trail follows part of the original road from St. Croix Falls to Osceola. You will pass by an abandoned copper mine before seeing the waterfalls.

Twin Falls
Bayfield County
Just off of the WI Lake Superior Scenic Byway in Port Wing, walk a short path to the observation deck looking down on Larson Creek flowing over the falls and the cavern beneath.