Snowshoe Trails

Douglas County
Length: 1.5 Miles. Trail Type: Loop. Trail doesn’t have access to the river
but provides a convenient way to enjoy some of the remote areas of the
park in winter. The trail is fairly flat with some steeper segments in and out
of the ancient river valley. Fee/Pass Required: Yes
Barron County
Length: 1.2 km. Trail Type: Multiple loops. The trail system consists of
3.4 km of trails through a mature oak-maple forest, 1.9 km of open field
skiing, and 1.2 km of snowshoe/winter hiking trails.
Fee/Pass Required: Donations welcome.
Douglas County
Length: 2.25 Miles. This trail is historically significant. Along this route the
first road between Superior and Bayfield was built in 1870. It was then
used to transport freight, mail, and passengers until it was replaced by the
railroad in 1885. Fee/Pass Required: Yes
Chippewa County
Length: 23 miles. Trail Type: Loop. This trail runs 23 miles from the
Interpretive Center in New Auburn to Burnet Island State Park in Cornell.
There’s even more to explore on snowshoes at the Chippewa Moraine
as winter trails connect glacial lakes one to another. The Visitor Center
provides information and a place to warm up, and you may borrow a pair
of snowshoes for the day. Fee/Pass Required: No.
Ashland County
Length: 1.5 Miles. There are two multi-use trails at Copper Falls State Park,
the Red Granite Falls Trail near the park office and the Water Falls Winter
Trail at the north end of the park access road. Snowshoeing and winter
hiking are also allowed off-trail in the park, except on the groomed ski
trails. Fee/Pass Required: Yes
Rusk County
Length: 4 miles. 4 miles of trails on the reclaimed mine site. Includes
upland, forested, wetland, and prairie habitats, along the banks of the
Flambeau River. Another 10 miles of equestrian trails can also be shoed.
Fee/Pass Required: No. Donation appreciated.
Sawyer County
Length: 3 miles. Trail Type: Intermediate. The trails are lit from dusk to
10 a.m. Fee/Pass Required: yes.
Sawyer County
Length: 1 mile Loops: 2. Parking. Dogs allowed on snowshoe trail.
Snowshoe trails are marked with colored tape on trees.
Fee/Pass Required: Yes.
Chippewa County
Length: 8.4 miles. Trail Type: Loop. A 5 km groomed snowshoe trail starts
and returns to the parking area on 225th Ave (Bob Lake Rd).
Fee/Pass Required: No.
Washburn County
Length: 10 miles. Parking; Un-groomed snowshoe trails located at Hunt
Hill, a 500 acre nature reserve. Fee/Pass Required: No
Rusk County
Length: Varies. Multiple segments (Hemlock and Blue Hills) of the National
Ice Age trail can be found in the Blue Hills are of Northwestern Rusk
County. Access off County Rd F. Fee/Pass Required: No.
Iron County
Length: Varies. Iron County has many snowshoeing opportunities with
200 inches of snow each winter. Hiking and biking trails also double as
snowshoe trials in the winter, and there are many unmarked forest roads
that are great for exploring. Fee/Pass Required: No.
Chippewa County
Length: 2 miles. The trail in Irvine Park in Chippewa Falls is approximately
2 miles of gently rolling terrain through a mature mixed hardwood forest.
The trail is routinely groomed for skiing during the winter months. Parallel
to the trail is a snowshoe trail. Fee/Pass Required: No.
Price County
Length: 7 miles/11.2 km. A scenic Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest
trail that overlooks Newman Springs and has no exceptionally difficult
sections. Please stay off groomed skiing surface. Easy/Moderate.
Fee/Pass Required: Yes (parking fee).
Ashland County
Snowshoes free of charge for on-site use. 40 acres of land.
Fee/Pass Required: No.
Douglas County
Pattison State Park has a number of informal trails available for
snowshoeing in the winter. Fee/Pass Required: Yes
Iron County
Length: 1.7 miles. This is a 1.7 mile trail with easy wooded terrain with
views of Layman’s Creek and old growth hemlock.
Fee/Pass Required: No.
Price County
Length: 3.5 miles/5.6 km. A scenic trail winding through a diverse forest
and open meadow consisting of 5 designated snowshoe loops. Please stay
off groomed skiing surface. Easy/Difficult. Fee/Pass Required: No.
Rusk County
Length: 1.3 miles. 1.3 mile trail on the Southbank of the Flambeau River
in Ladysmith. Access from Hwy 27 or the Wagon wheel bridge. Good
for hiking, biking, and snowshoeing. Fee/Pass Required: No. Donation
Price County
Length: 3.4 miles /5.4 km. A good trail for beginners and families with
children. This tree lined trail runs parallel to the ski trail. Please stay off
groomed skiing surface. Easy/Moderate. Fee/Pass Required: No.
Washburn County
Length: 3.5 miles. Located near the Namekagon River, part of the National
Scenic Riverway. Dogs are allowed on a leash. Fee/Pass Required: No.
Washburn County
Length: 14 miles. Multiple loops. Also used as mountain bike trail.
Fee/Pass Required: No.