Hiking & Birding

Come explore the great outdoors and remember your binoculars and cameras while you are hiking one of the many trails throughout Northwest Wisconsin. Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. These outdoor trails provide tremendous opportunities to discover the wildlife that inhabit the surrounding areas like white-tailed deer, black bear, timber wolves, beaver, fox, raccoons, rabbits, and countless species of birds. With so many places to explore, you’ll never run out of things to see.

Washburn County
Length: 1,964 acres; 6.4 miles of hiking trails. Beaver Brook Wildlife Area is home to abundant wildlife including eagles and osprey. Numerous wetlands associated with Beaver Brook, springs and lakes can be found throughout the property. Remnants of several homesteads and remnants of an old logging dam built in 1870 and removed in 1910 are still visible